Thursday, October 31, 2013

Duel of the Dragons

Suzette Senft and Craig Senft in a bloody duel. The strongest members of the Senft Great Noble family. The family conists of four siblings, Craig is the eldest among them and thus he became the head of the family after their father passed away. Suzette is the youngest and the only female of them. But when she was born, their mother gave her life in order to give birth to Suzette. Because of that, Craig loathes her and never treated her as a family member, in fact, not even a human.

When their father was still alive, he personally trained Suzette in order to follow her father's footsteps and eventually become a praetorian, the Lemurian Empire's most powerful and greatest supreme commanders.
And with that came the privilage to command the Senft family's elite personal army, the Hakaisha (Destroyers), one of the six elite units of the Empire. To protect Suzette from Craig, one of her elder brothers, who was at the captain of the Destroyers, vowed to stand by her side no matter what.

But even so, Suzette and Craig cross swords time to time. Despite the fact that no one can rival the girl's prowess in battle, Craig is the only one who can best her in swordsmanship. She never could defeat Craig, even once. He could've easily become a praetorian instead of Suzette, but he refused and lead the family and it's azure guardians...

A scene from my fantasy story.

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