Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beatrix & Wagner Santos

Beatrix and Wagner Santos, the leader and captain of the Saints, the ultimate unit in the Lemurian Empire and the royal guard.

Beatrix Santos Bellerose is the second praetorian and is also the supreme commander of the regular army. She is the only holy swordmaster on the continent, and also the first female to be appointed as the leader of the Saints.

Wagner Santos is Beatrix's uncle, a huge, powerful man whose strenght has earned him the title of the Captain of the Royal Guard. He is Beatrix's right-hand man and stout guardian. He is one of the very few people in the whole empire who could become a praetorian, Lemuria's most powerful military leaders. But he refused and remained at Beatrix's side. Like most of the members in the royal guard, he wields a huge two-handed sword, tower shield and spear in battle. His strenght cannot be matched by anything on the field of battle.

The Saints are the Lemurian Empire's strongest knights. They are perfect soldiers and natural born leaders, nothing more. They may be few in numbers, but they make up for that with their tremendous might and prowess. They all ride the strongest and largest breed of horses. The single role of this unit in any battle, is to directly charge at the enemy's main camp slaughtering everythin in their path. The armor they wear is so strong, no spear or arrow can stop them, and they cut through cavalry as if they were regular footmen.

They are both characters from my fantasy story.

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