Thursday, January 23, 2014

XR-54 Redeemer Battle Armor

I wanted to repaint this guy for quite a while now, but I never had enough patience to do so. But that is over and I actually finished it this time.

This is like the 3rd time redrawing this one haha.

The Lemurian XR-54 "Redeemer" Medium Battle Armor. An advanced infantry battle armor with 4 arms, each being able to be customized by a broad range of weaponry. The smaller arms can be equipped with smaller and medium-sized firearms, such as rifles, pistols or assault rifles. While the two heavy arms are able to carry the lemurian heavy weapons, what can literally vaporize any target encountered. From the infamous lemurian vulcan gattling cannon, heavy flamers to heavy plasma cannons and even heavy autocannons or laser cannons. They are also equipped with two missile launchers at the shoulders of the heavy arms.

Like most lemurians, these are made of xenolith plating, a personal shield generator, stealth field, active camouflage and teleportation packs. The Redeemers get the job done quite well, thanks to their reliability and being a general purpose assault unit. A squad having such a battle armor with them has a significantly huge advantage in battle.

You can check the old version here:…

I hope you'll like it!

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