Monday, May 5, 2014

Squad - Heavy Gunner Erhard

Here's another character from my sci-fi project.

Heavy Gunner Erhard, the heavy weapon specialist of the 11th Lemurian Executioner squad, one of the 11 most renowned and elite squads in the empire. It's members consists of battle-hardened super soldiers and high ranked officers from the army.

The squad is tasked with the deadliest missions in the universe, often leading to almost impossible situations. But nevertheless, they emerge victorious all the time, without much struggle thanks to their supreme technology, equipment, vehicles and cunning tactics.

Erhard wears the best possible gear available to any soldier. His suit is fused with an experimental EXO core, the one used in the lethal EXO suits, allowing him to use two built-in EXO blades in battle. Like any other lemurian soldier, he is equipped with tough xenolith armor, active camouflage, a teleportation kit, personal shield generator and advanced targeting optics. His armor is a special heavy variant, consisting of additional arms to aid him in battle. With such a wide array of weapons, Erhard effectively becomes a mobile weapon platform, able to provide heavy cover fire and destroying armored targets with ease.

He usually carries two heavy cannons in his original arms, mostly the devastating lemurian vulcan gattling cannon, heavy flamethrower, laser cannon or a plasma cannon. While the two hands at his back are fused with the deadly EXO blades. The two smaller arms in the front usually wield smaller firearms, such as pistols or rifles. And lastly, his armor has access to a shoulder mounted Rail Cannon.

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