Thursday, June 19, 2014

Praetorian Beatrix

Another character for my sci-fi project.

This time it's one of the 10 praetorians of the Lemurian Empire, a member of the Lemurian Praetorian Council. Praetorians are the ultimate, perfect and most powerful beings in my story.
They are the heart of the Empire. Each one of them is given a Command Ship, the most advanced spaceship in the fleet. Their word is absolute, they are the core of the mighty Lemurian Royal Army and Fleet. The dreaded Executioner squads are their personal retinues, the most renowned groups in the military. With them, they form the inner circle of the Emperor's Royal Guard.

She is wearing her praetorian gear, the most powerful gear in the universe. The mech beside her is the extension of her body. This the first form of the gear, and this is the form she takes on most of the time.
Praetorians need not equip any weapons with a physical form. They are able to transfer any kind of weapon with their will alone. The only exception is the Vorpal Blade, which is the gear's built-in ultimate weapon. That blade uses space distortion and strikes at foes through a dimension gate, rendering it impossible to guard against.

There is no known weapon that could actually damage the armor of the gear. On top of that, due to the fact that it's energy output is so massive, it's literally unmeasurable, praetorians are able to manipulate space and even time.
They are considered Gods on most planets, which is kind of ironic, since the Praetorian Council decides the fates of the rest of the races in the universe.
But that doesn't mean they just go and eradicate races as they please, quite the opposite, the Empire's main goal is to preserve the cultures, planets, and the races that inhabit the planets. They are also the ones that created the underdeveloped planet preservation pact, which prohibits interference with any less advanced planet.

Although Beatrix won't make as much appearance in the story as the 11th Executioner squad, she still will be a major character, since she is the commander of the squad. Which makes Allister and the rest of his company Beatrix's personal retinue. And they are also aboard her Command Ship, the Red Rose.

Yes, I know she's ridicilously overpowered, but I just can't help it haha.

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