Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hell Dragon

This is one of the dragons from my story.

The Hell Dragons were once majestic, beautiful greater dragons who acted as the royal guard for Tempest, the king of dragons, but now a shadow of themselves.
The darkness and corruption of the old dragon knights' fortress has infected these fearsome creatures. And because of that, they have mutated into these huge, horrifying beasts. But even in this state, they still remain loyal to their king.

Unlike the rest of the dragons, they actually managed to survive the corruption, that would normally kill any living being. The only exception was Tempest, who could resist it completely.

These dragons are extremely aggressive and even attack each other at times, due to their uncontrollable rage caused by the darkness of this unholy place.

Needless to say, a Hell Dragon is an incredibly powerful creature, so extreme caution is advised when facing one.

And this one is actually showing it's sheer strenght and size while crushing one of the shadow lurkers found in the fortress.

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