Sunday, September 14, 2014

Assassin Shizuko and Shade Sadao

Here's a concept for the next characters in my sci-fi story.

Introducing Assassin Shizuko and Shade Sadao from the 11th Lemurian Executioner Squad.

Behind Shizuko is one of the deadliest lemurian beings known, a shade. Shades are fallen elite assassins whose exceptionally strong will transformed them into maleficent beings such as this. They have lost everything that connected them to the living, even the memories of their comrades. Now they are just empty shells what know nothing but hatred and vengeance. Sadao and Shizuko were in the same team, but got overrun by a group of notorious beings known as the "devourers". They have slaughtered all members except for Shizuko. Sadao gave his life protecting her. The only reason the girl survived is because Captain Allister managed to locate the team and eventually pushing the monstrous beasts back.

On that day, Sadao transformed into a Shade, to Shizuko's surprise, the creature had lost all sanity, all memories of her. But he noticed it actually started following her and protecting her, as if a small portion of her slain brother was still deep inside that empty shell.
Shizuko tied one of her family charm on the Shade, so that even if it's just a little trinket, it would resemble her brother.
Allister made both of them part of that team, which is now the 11th Lemurian Executioner Squad, one of the Lemurian Empire's best unit, which is one of the teams within the inner circle of the royal guard.

As his looks might suggest, Shade Sadao is brutal and deadly being, cutting everything in it's path. Just like all shades, it possesses an EXO core, allowing access to the strongest weapons in the lemurian military. While Shizuko is also equipped with an EXO armor, her strenght lies in speed and ambushing the enemy.
She also uses special bombs and several thrown weapons as ranged weapons.
They act as the melee specialists within the squad and focusing on ambushing and slaying the enemies swiftly. Sadao, however can easily slice even the most heavily armored targets in two in mere seconds with it's huge EXO blades.

I hope you'll like them!

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