Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lucetta Gentile and Pharamond

I haven't painted Lucetta for a really long time now, so I thought it would be a good idea, considering she's one of the earliest characters from my story.

So here she is, along with her right-hand, Pharamond, the Holy Aegis, Lucetta's best paladin, most trusted general and brutally loyal bodyguard.
They are the two highest ranking paladins in the Lemurian Empire.

Lucetta Gentile is one of the two praetorians who aren't originally from Lemuria, however Raphael Samael, the first praetorian saw her potential and actually made her the fifth praetorian, becoming one of the 6 greatest military leaders with the highest authority.
Before that, Pharamond was the leader of the Guardians, a group of elite lemurian paladins loyal to the church and the emperor. But after Lucetta passing all the trials of the paladins, and at such a young age, she took command of the unit, and Pharamond swore to become her aegis.
And shortly after, the Guardians became one of the six elite units of the Empire.
Tough and disciplined, he has always been an exceptional leader and the stout defender of justice and the innocent. But with Lucetta at the helm, they are stronger than ever, ready to face the enemies of Lemuria and the creatures of dark and evil.
They both wear heavy armor, which offers superior protection without even limiting mobility, especially because Lemurian armors are made of a lighter, but more durable metal than the other nations'.

Lucetta, like all praetorians, carries a divine weapon, which is much more powerful than even the regular lemurian weapons. Her blade can cut through almost anything with ease, it can even cut shields and armor in two with a single strike.
Pharamond mainly uses a large two-handed warhammer to crush his foes and his large shield.

I hope you'll like them!

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