Thursday, November 6, 2014

My stories

Phew, finally finished this one.

Painted this one for a contest over at devianart.

I have added some of the main characters from both my fantasy and sci-fi storylines.

Starting at the bottom the characters are:

Fantasy side:

4th Praetorian Suzette Senft, the leader of the Destroyers, the cunning, elite samurai of Lemuria
3rd Praetorian Gerald Alfonsus, the commander of the dread wolves, the empire's heaviest, infantry, and also the best spellcasters
1st Praetorian Raphael Samael, the leader of the praetorians, the Lemurian Empire's best generals and commanders, he commands the Death and Dark Knights
5th Praetorian Lucetta Gentile, the gentle, and devout leader of the Guardians, the Empire's elite paladin unit
Divine Priestess Celestine, the head of the church, the purest and most efficient healer of the story
6th Praetorian Peter Palladino, the leader of the Dragon Cavalry, Lemuria'most brutal and deadly shock unit
2nd Praetorian Beatrix Santos, the supreme commander of the Empire's Regular Army, and the leader of the Royal Guard, the Saints, the Empire's best of the best
Captain of the Saints, Wagner Santos, the brutally loyal uncle of Beatrix, and her right-hand man, he is the captain of the Royal Guard,
Tempest, the king of the dragons, the huge and powerful black dragon, who is the companion of Peter Palladino

Sci-fi side:

Assassin Shizuko, the cunning and deadly member of the 11th Executioner Squad of the Lemurian Empire
Heavy Gunner Erhart, the gunner of the squad, who carries an incredible amount of weaponry to the field of battle
Sniper Ophelia, the squad's best sniper, she can easily take out any foe, be it a trooper, of a super heavy vehicle
Shocktrooper John, the squad's reckless, but extremely experienced trooper, who is pretty much effective at everything
Praetorian Beatrix and her Praetorian Gear (2nd form), one of the 10 Praetorians of the universe's most advanced race, she is the leader of the 11th Executioner Squad
Captain Allister, the captain of the squad, the best possible soldier to lead this group of highly efficient lemurians
Redeemer Omega, one of the long lost artifacts from the lemurian EXO project, it has been recovered by the squad and is piloted by a member of it
The Hunters, two especially powerful arcane troopers, who lay waste to enemies

I hope you'll like them!

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