Monday, December 22, 2014

Red Rose Command Ship

I was just randomly sketching today, and decided to push this one further and actually finish it.

Been some time since I've painted spaceships, especially the Red Rose from my story.
So, here it is, with her brand new design!

This is one of the 10 command ships of the Lemurian Empire, the most advanced race in my sci-fi story. The Red Rose is Praetorian Beatrix's personal ship, so that makes this the headquarters of the 11th Executioner squad. The squad that the main plot is centered around.

The ship is considered a special lemurian capital class, with the name "Advanced Super Battlecruiser".
The Red Rose is a medium-sized capital ship, but even so, it is incredibly immense and huge, with it's 74km lenght, the Galactic Federation's ships, which are supposed to be advanced and relatively big with their usual 6-10 km lenghts, look like toys compared to this.

Just like the rest of the command ships, the Red Rose's core is the Praetorian's gear itself. Thanks to the gear, the ship's power output gets to a completely new level, and with that it is able to carry the Empire's most powerful weapon in existence, the Devastator Cannon. A weapon system designed to blow stars and planets up in a single shot and even some greater stars as well.
The command ships are also equipped with a next generation weapon system, including systems similar to a praetorian gear's.

With the advanced technology Lemuria uses, the crew requirement is minimal, since the ship is fully automated. And with the ability to directly link with the ship, the advantage it provides against enemies speaks for itself.

These vessels mostly venture alone, but on large scale operations, command ships are often tasked with guarding the Supercarriers, the "heart" of the Lemurian Fleet.

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